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Hoping someone can help out on some midi questions -

* Can I have it so my midi keyboard will automatically be active to play a pad chromatically when a pad selected?

Currently I'm having to change midi channel to play different pads in this way. Pad 1 = midi channel 1, pad 2 = midi channel 2...and so on). Feels a little clunky but the main issue is that I only have 16 midi channels and there are 128 pads (with a sample on each, I'd like to be able to select/play these like synth presets).

My midi understanding is very basic, wondering if there's something obvious to others that I'm missing? Like possibly related to the 'focus' stuff people have been speaking about..



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    Not near setup, but this should do it...

    Settings > Midi

    Omni = ON
    (make sure omni mode is on if you want to be able to switch banks and have the keyboard control whatever current bank is selected. ...in this case, it shouldn't matter what channel the pads are on... I think ...not 100% sure about that... guess you'll find out...)

    Bottom right corner: "clear all" (unless you have other settings you want to keep)

    Bottom middle: toggle between 16 pads device or 64 Pads device. In your case, you would want 64

    Bottom middle: tap "auto learn" (trigger pad 1 will start flashing at top of screen)

    Play your keyboard from lowest note to highest (64 keys max). Each time you hit a pad, the Focus Action slot will advance to the next key.

    After you have set all 64 pads, click "stop learn" at bottom of screen.

    Bottom right: click "save"... save it. This will remain active until you load another map..even if you quit and restart... Just reload though if you need to.

    Now, in pad performance mode:

    You will see the vertical list of options to the right: keys, select, scene, mute, solo...

    Select the pad that has the instrument you want to play chromatically (using the keyboard). Press the "keys" option to the right. That instrument will now be spread chromatically across all 64 pads. You should be able to play the pad instrument chromatically on your keyboard now.

  • @mre8 thanks a lot for writing that out, appreciate it! I'll check it out tomoro.
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