Focus actions

Can someone provide a list of what the focus actions list items do? Most are self explanatory but not sure on the mode ones plus others


  • No one? Maybe a support ticket with intua is better
  • What to explain?

    All focus actions are easy to understand.
    Pad 1 is to trigger pad 1 etc...
    Solo mode is to activate solo mode and so on

  • I can understand that some of them could be a bit cryptic. Probs best to just go through by trial and error.
  • Yep. Got it worked out
  • @adfa said:
    Yep. Got it worked out

    I agree that a page in the manual with a clear description of each would be ideal. They're not that difficult but I've still not bothered to get my head around the exact function of all of them. It's a 30 min job that could be a 2 minute read!

  • i have some questions, what is

    • Mode: select
    • Toggle pad keys
  • In performance view look at the right of the screen

    Select mode allow you to tap a pad without trigering the sound on this pad

    Toggle pad Keys allow you to play notes with all the pad

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