Cant move banks/Bank save broken

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Move a bank, it cant find samples, samples haven't moved.
So all banks have to be stored in banks presets ? because you have no option to save them elsewhere ?
Saving bank with samples is not used here because i am using samples out of my folder structure that is already available in BM3.
Are we supposed to make duplicates of all samples every time we use them/save a bank ?
Space could become limited.


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    Tracked down the bug
    It is a sub foldering issue, banks can only be one sub folder deep
    5pin/exp 01/kits/xxx.bmk3 --- Wont work
    5pin/exp 01/xxx.bmk3 --- Will work

    Banks can be moved anywhere as long as they are no deeper than one sub folder, this should be changed to three at a minimum really, example
    Company name/Expansion name/Banks/Kits
    Company name/Expansion name/Banks/Keys
    Company name/Expansion name/Banks/Bass

    This would allow any third parties to keep all their expansions within one single folder, sub foldered for individual expansion, sub foldered for content

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    If you create a bank and then move it to another folder for organisation, when you modify it and press save, it resaves it to the bank preset folder and ignores its current location.
    You now have two versions stored, that would normally only happen with a 'Save as' command.

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