Zoom can break in song view

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Sometimes song view can stick in pinch mode, so you can't scroll with one finger or even pinch zoom, restart is needed to fix.
Will video when it happens again.


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    I've also had this a few times.
  • This particular 'family' of bugs (I've had it where it gets locked into a one finger zoom mode and also where it becomes impossible to pinch to zoom completely) seems to set in almost every time I touch the sequencer page, after only a few seconds of working.
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    @Heyez said:
    I can be editing patterns on the timeline view, like trimming clip/pattern length by stretching them, that kind of stuff, then suddenly the select/zoom behaviour goes weird.

    Like I can't select a block/pattern, or the playback loop section marker along the top of the timeline. Can't select anything at all, even tho I have the pointed finger 'select/move' icon activated below sequencer. And swiping with one finger zooms the view in/out....

    Happened a few times :(

  • Just tidying up a bit mate, hope you don't mind ?

  • Course not. All good. Didn't spot this thread before I posted that BR. Forum needs a 'search' function on Android...
  • @Heyez said:
    Course not. All good. Didn't spot this thread before I posted that BR. Forum needs a 'search' function on Android...

    If you scroll all the way down, it has a 'Full site' link, this will immediately show you the search on Android ;)

  • @5pinlink thanks, yeah aware of that but it's kind of Amateur Hour At The Apollo workaround to have to switch browser modes each time just to search forum... No big deal tho, can live with it if it's not a simple thing to add to mobile.
  • I am pretty sure it is a vanilla feature, you cant search the Audiobus forum on Android either until you click full site.

  • When working in the arranger view, I have to restart BM3 on average once every 5 minutes, to merely slow the relentless onslaught of this particular bug. Let's hope it's fixed soon!

    This bug also occurs in the 'mapping' page of the sampler too.

    In fact the mapping screen seems pretty fucky in it's own right - it seems to be random chance whether BM3 will allow you to view all your mapped sample zones at one time, or if it will only allow you to see them one at a time by selection.

  • Gah, this bug! Good to know it happens generally more on the mapping window. Will investigate this more, it's been there for a while now which is unacceptable.

  • Oh, I've had it (much) more on the arranger timeline, but that's probably because I spend more time there and generally do a lot more scrolling around in there. Let me know if I can help out any way!

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    The good news is I haven't had this glitch happen in 3.0.10 yet... if I do, I'll post here.

    I don't think it was mentioned in the release notes though, so fingers crossed!

  • Fixed an issue on the song editor and sample editor where zoom would get stuck.

    Pretty sure that was it in the changelist ?

  • @5pinlink it hasn't happened and you can't force the bug either. Pretty sure it's fixed.

  • The old one finger zoom, aka ghost finger. Pretty sure this is fixed. I’ve tried real hard to reproduce it but I haven’t been able to since 3.0.9. I did have a similar issue when trying to map samples, when trying to drag the far right edge of the sample mapping thing. It involves the screen edge detection and the slide out window. I don’t think I’d consider it the same bug, but it has similar results.

  • Thanks all,
    I must have missed that line in the release notes (or not made the mental connection)

    Anyway.. seems this is almost definitely fixed!

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