Midi Controller and BM3 Question

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Newbie here. I use a Roland td4 drum module and kit as a midi controller with Beatmaker 3. I'd like to be able to trigger a really long loop or song from one of the td4 drum pads. I have a song loaded up in BM3 on one of the virtual pads and I can trigger it using my td4 when I strike the edrum pad, but it only plays a second or so of the song. How can I set it up so when I strike the td4 pad it plays the song continuously. I'd like to also be able to strike the pad again and have the song stop. Thanks!


  • set the loop to one hit instead hold. You find this on the sampler page

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    Thanks, I've tried that and it didn't seem to work, I'll try again.

  • Maybe the sample stops too soon because of the short release setting on the amp envelope, try changing it.

    @Monylove01 said:
    I'd like to also be able to strike the pad again and have the song stop

    This feature (latch mode) is unfortunately not yet available in BM3. A lot of people (myself included) have requested it, so I hope it will be implemented soon.

  • Thank you AltShift and you are correct, I would like this functionality to be able to stop the loop as well.

  • Unfortunately you will need to use a second pad to create the stop (Mute group or same note zero velocity monopoly)

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