How to add sub banks?

So, has anyone figured this out?

I see the new button to cycle through sub banks, but not how to add.

Tried double tapping... holding to access bank menu... nada.


  • Add more than 8 banks
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    Ok. Figured it out. You have to keep pressing the add bank button. Banks are added A-H then cycles through adding A2, B2...etc.

    Also a bit awkward... deleting any bank shifts every bank shifts up a level... so, if I delete bank A2, C2 becomes B2...

    And another downside is that you could end up with a bunch of empty tracks... not so great. Hide unused track option would great.

    Hmmm... thought we would be able to add sub banks to any bank selectively. For instance if you don't want sub banks in all banks. Let me not be ungrateful though... I know it ain't easy! :D

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    Yeah, i wonder why banks wasn't just put in above keys/select/scene/mute/solo on the right hand column ?
    This would make navigation of banks easier.
    It would also mean that bank group A could have only two sub banks, bank group B could have three sub banks.
    Much tidier for organisation.
    Plus it would mean that some bank groups could easily have 16 sub banks and not be cumbersome navigating like it currently is for just the 8 sub banks.
    It would also negate the deleting bank issue as mentioned by mre8.
    It fits in with the pad based UI/X paradigm.

    It could well be that they wanted the feature out as is for testing the waters, hopefully they will consider this @mathieugarcia

  • @5pinlink yes... something like that was how I was imagining it would be implemented...

  • @OscarSouth ...thanks.. it occurred to me right after I posted!

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