Hide bank tracks in song view.

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Can we hide empty tracks to reduce clutter. Actually would be good for mixer view too.

Did I attach poll? Didn't mean to :|


  • Can you provide more explanation? I don't know why you'd add more than you need?
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    @OscarSouth ... A person may have 12 banks in use for some reason, but wants to compare Bank A1 with Bank B2 (who knows, just making scenario up) and want to see them right on top of each other. Maybe there is not enough screen to do this so you're scrolling up and down, up and down...... Since tracks can't be reordered in song view, it would be nice to at least hide tracks you're not dealing with at the moment. I wouldn't call this adding more than you need, just a way of controlling your workspace. In Photoshop for example, I may have 50 layers. I need all of them, but only want to see certain layers at any given time.

    Why this hiding feature would be desirable really depends on your personal preference of workflow. You may not see the value of this requested feature because of yours.

  • "16, Ability to reorder tracks. In the mixer and in the sequencer. This is one thing I always wanted in BM2.

    @vincent said: Yes we want that too"



  • +1 for moving tracks up and down!

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    Yes !! Reordering/moving tracks up or down would be so great.

  • @BitterGums said:
    Yes !! Reordering/moving tracks up or down would be so great.


  • @DeanDaughters said:
    +1 for moving tracks up and down!

    +1 (and moving banks left and right!)

  • +1 for reordering, that would really be useful

  • +1 any news on this? I feel it’s a hugely useful tool for workflow and declutter.

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