Battery Drain: is BM3 terminating background apps correctly?

I've noticed this with two separate apps: Korg M1 and SeekBeats. I've never encountered this before BM3, but I have noticed increased battery drain while using BM3.

I checked: Settings > Battey > Last 24 Hours
And noticed that even though no apps were open, M1 and SeekBeats were consuming + 30% on two separate occasions.

With no apps open, I launched Fugue Machine which was outputting to M1... even though M1 wasn't open (yet had a go with it in BM3 the night before).

I could be wrong about this, but it seems that BM3 doesn't terminate apps correctly and they seem to left open as "ghost apps" without any UI.

I recall Kymatica mentioning this possibility in the past, but it seems to have been rectified in AUM.

Is this a bug with BM3???


  • I'm guessing this is a case of IAA Zombie apps remaining invisibly active after they were supposed to be terminated. It's not BM3's fault, it's a known issue with IAA. Best to do a reset of your device if you suspect something invisible is eating your resources.

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    Thanks for the heads up @brambos - nice to see the official badge! Really looking forward to the updates you announced on Twitter over the week. Yes - I believe the term "IAA zombies" was used by Jonatan. In fairness, I do have a lot of experience here and I haven't noticed this issue with SeekBeats or M1 in any other IAA host of note (Aum, Cubasis, "GarageBand"). I just hope that at the very least, that the issue can be discounted as being a BM3 bug. Not really related, but he did post a great overview on IAA on Github

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