AudioBus3 Midi port madness : hundreds of unreadable ports which won't turn off .

ok not quite hundreds , but 32 "Audiobus- Audiobus Midi des.... " ports appear , as well as lots of MF Adapter -Audiobus Midi..., + Midi Adapter IN 1-10 , & Midi Adapter Out 1-10 etc
all when inserting MidiFlow adapter into AB3 with Beatmaker .
Is this a bug ? I thought Audiobus3 was to make midi easier ?

Certainly it is an issue that there are TOO MANY CHARACTERS to read the number of port at end "..." =?
& it must be a bug that when you turn them OFF in MidiSettings , they are still present in the Bank/Pad Midi Out list .

The photos below are a panoramic vertical scroll :


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