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Sample categories is completely broken in 3.0.2, only one category is ever listed, no matter what you tag things as
First i show banks working as expected, then i show some snares i tagged as snares not working at all (The tag panel is off screen, but i did tag them)


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    I tried reproducing this but couldn't. What happens after a DB hard reset?
    Edit: sometimes scrollable lists can be "stuck" at the bottom, showing no items. Try dragging the category or subcategory lists just above the results?

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    Yep that sorted it, which is also extremely bad news for any 3rd party developers who use standard practices for folder structuring, i know this is not important to you, you are shipping your banks using just the tagging system and samples saved next to banks.
    The tags are in a database and not just written to the files, you really should take a leaf out of NIs book with that one and write them direct to the file.

    Have the database that is built on a scan of the meta contained within the file, not just contain all the meta in the database.

  • Fixed the scroll lists that wouldn't properly reset after updates/changes.

  • @mathieugarcia can you please create a import export database for banks and samples, so that when we are sharing samples or banks, the person using them does not have to retag them, it just makes everything completely pointless with the tagging system, if not, can you put an option in prefs to completely disable the database part of the browser and just put a search in the documents tab please.
    I would rather not have tags than create tags that nobody else can ever use.

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    Tags are saved within sessions, banks and samples. When importing new files, BM3 will search for these tags and import them. I recently found a bug with tags not saving properly in AIFF files (WAV works as expected).

    User-created categories, sub-categories and packs will also be imported.
    The new free sound pack (BM3 Starter Pack II) has all tags filled, and they are properly imported when installing it.

    There still might be some corner cases where import will fail though. Especially with samples, with the amount of exotic files out there.


  • Hmmm i am getting reports of tags not showing up for banks/samples i have created, i wonder if i need to give instructions for them to reset the database when they unzip the folders ?

  • I just noticed that if I put loop-points on a sample those loop-markers are not saved when i save the *.wav file :(

    This should be part of the meta-data in the *.wav file together with 'slice points' if they are present when saving a sample...

  • BM3 will scan every files when extracting a ZIP file so that should work. Are you sending the content over to another iPad? If your samples are in AIFF format you probably hit the tagging bug! But banks should work, it's a basic protobuf format and we have these extra fields for meta-data.

  • No it's wavs and i am sending to other users, i need to get a secondary ipad to test it, could well be user error (This thread was for example)

  • I can quickly check the meta-data of the sample - can you share one here or at ?


  • Some samples sent for testing

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