Audio Output Not Showing Up in MIxer Session

I have 3 banks of Audio Units plugins loaded. The sounds are coming out fine, and moving the faders in the mixer section raises and lowers the volume. But there are no lights to signal strength in the mixer section.


  • I saw this happen to me. Saved it restarted and it fixed it until I loaded another au.
  • I've had this happen in the master channel too a bunch of times.
  • I noticed that too, it happens randomly, hard to catch but I'm sure I'll catch it soon enough.


  • Thanks, Matheiu. We really appreciate the app and all that you're doing to make it better! :smile:

  • edited December 2017
    Now fixed in 3.0.7! Also: audio recording wouldn't work AT ALL. Pretty critical bug, glad to have fixed this one.
  • A big yay for this fix!!  :D

    This happens to me during most longer sessions, I exit and re-start,,,

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