Future drummer inside BM3

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Unable to route FD midi to Ruismaker on a pad. I've made sure the bank is set to receive midi from FD. And FD midi is set to the right notes to trigger Ruismaker. Is it even possible to route IAA midi in BM3.


  • I don't have Future Drummer, does anybody else have this and can help ?

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    I did try getting Future Drummer sending midi to Ruismaker in BM3 but at best could only get a single note triggering.

    However, I did get Future Drummer sending to separate pads playing samples. Which for me is far more apealing anyway. With this you could just sample Ruismaker and also then be able to use the pads, so win win from my perspective.

    I know this is not the exact solution you are looking for, however... it is pretty damn cool using Future Drummer to hit pads for you.

    The only way I could get it working so that each drum hit from Future Drummer records onto a separate pad is to use Midiflow to filter each note from Future Drummer to play on a different midi channel into BM3. Pads 1-16 in BM3 seem automaticly mapped to midi channel 1-16.

    Here is a setup with an included Midiflow preset file...

    Make sure you set the notes properly in Future Drummer...

    Midiflow Preset:
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/5ualjusjpi8k9l5/Futrue Drummer to BM3.mflw?dl=0
    (One thing to note is that the current version of Midiflow may require you to reselect the 'Future Drummer -> BM3' output when you reload the midiflow preset in the future. Even if it looks connected you may have to simply reselect it at the bottom of Midiflow. This is fixed on the latest MIDIflow beta so should not be an issue for long if you encounter it.)

    Make sure the bank is set to this...

    Make sure each pad is set to this...

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    Theoretically you could then just run multiple instances of Ruismaker with this, one instance on each pad... then you get the benefit of Future Drummer input and also playing and recording Ruismaker with the BM3 pads... theoretically..

  • Sidenote: Patterning did not require Midiflow because I could specify the channel of the note in Patterning.

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