Multi-Layer, Multi-Zone, Volume and Pan Adjustments

I'm building a multi-layer, multi-velocity, twelve piece drum kit in BM2 Sampler. Is there a way to make volume and pan adjustments to all layers in a zone at once or do I have to do each layer individually? Does BM3 allow this?


  • BM3 has a new feature since v3.0.2, you can adjust a parameter in a layer and then double click said layer and set all layers.

  • Thanks. Hoping to see BM3 for iPhone. I'm using BM2 because it runs so well on an iPhone 5 and has fantastic editing FEATURES and UI. I can work anywhere.

  • Are sampler sets made in BM3 backward compatible with BM2.6.

  • Not that i am aware, a kit is a new format bm3k to support all the new features, backwards compatibility is extremely rare on any software.

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