Crash on Timeline when pressing 'Duplicate'

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Almost every time I press 'duplicate' on the timeline, BM3 crashes.

Mini4 10.3.3


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    I am unable to duplicate this (No pun intended) is it MIDI or audio you are duplicating, if MIDIis there any particular MIDI messages in the file i need to mimic other than just notes ?

  • MIDI, only anomaly I can think of is pitch bend assigned to the modwheel, but I think that I was also crashing when just simple rhythm pad patterns were duplicated.

    It was working at the start of the session but by the end, 100% of attempts to duplicate would cause a crash.

    I'll keep an eye on it in future and report back in more detail next time!

  • If you still have the session and it is still doing it, i suspect Intua would like to take a look at it if they can ;)

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