How limiter works?

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Can anybody explain me, how limiter in dynamics works? I can't figure out...


  • A limiter is a very fast compressor, I am not wanting to jump in here and say "it works like this xxxx" because there are parameters that would be disabled in my mind to switch from a compressor to a limiter, I have not had huge success with BM3s dynamics processor currently but put it far down my wish list for updates.
    Hopefully somebody else can chime in.
    But here is a general overview..

  • Thanks for answer. I now what limiter is, but it seems like threshold level doesn't work properly in BM3.

  • Good link btw

  • I will definitely spend more time investigating the dynamics processor, like i say, i have not had great results with it myself either.

  • I have had minimal success using BM3's compressor as a limiter. I'm happy with it as a COMPRESSOR though.
    (I have not tried to use it with the EXPANDER setting)...

    In my personal experience - the LIMITER is not working as expected.

    I ended up purchasing the LIMITER from Amazing Noises which SOUNDS GREAT and works EXACTLY like I would expect a limiter to work... (It even has LOVELY adjustable saturation as a bonus...) It does however eat CPU....

    ...wish the limiter in BM3 worked as expected.... hard to describe what I mean, just have a play with it and try to use it AS A LIMITER, you may see what I mean.


    IMHO - a "limiter" should at least have an extremely precise "ceiling" setting which I should be able to adjust (hopefully by TYPING IN A VALUE).

  • the limiter is not working i think

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