3.02 - MIDI CC info gone on MIDI file import - (still an issue in 3.05)

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When I import a MIDI file with CC info, it does not show up when attempting to view or edit the file. This has been an issue since 3.00 and was the primary reason I purchased Beatmaker 3 (MIDI sequencing).


  • I am going to put this in the list because i have seen it confirmed elsewhere

  • I can send you my file if you need it.

  • No need, just tried a few files myself, no CC is imported at all, it is in the list aswell now anyway.
    Intua will be checking that list and fixing as soon as they can ;)

  • Thanks!

  • Still an issue in 3.03.

    My other thread with a response from Intua has been deleted. Not sure what to make of that.

    Hope this gets resolved as Beatmaker hasn't worked for me since day one. I'd like to make the switch!

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    I wanted to make sure this issue had its own thread in bugs, and saw no point to have one in general too (which you direct copied and pasted the issue i think) so apologies for that.

    There was no extra relevant info in that thread that warranted a thread merge.
    (For the record i did post that i would delete the thread because it had its own bug thread now, and then a day or so later deleted the duplicate)

    They are looking in to all MIDI import issues but as i stated elsewhere they didn't have any fixes for 3.0.4.
    Trust me on this, they take special interest in MIDI import issues, so this is definitely on their radar.

  • The other thread had a response from the developer (I believe ... it's gone now). Now they have now link to the issue with their own reply. It was my only reason to believe that understood the issue and recognized that it needs to be resolved.

    I hope it gets resolved at some point, as I supported BM 3 early on and haven't been able to use it yet.

  • The developers response was "Noted" I can ask them to come back and type that word again if you like ?

    For the record, the concise bug list (which this is in) is checked by the developers, I have also been informed that MIDI issues are high up the list.

    I have confirmed these issue and informed the developers who said they are looking in to it.

    Hopefully that is enough for you, if not i will ask the developers to come and comment in this thread that this has been noted ;)

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    I understand what you are saying. I'm unclear if you work for Intua or are the forum moderator or both. My concern is that Intua have a trackback to the bug. If they monitor your master bug list that's fine. At this point, I have no proof that they know the bug exists or it is on their radar.

    The bug has been reported through their support link a few times and I was told to post the bug on this forum ... which I did AFTER creating my original post. I wasn't spamming the forum, I was following instructions directly from support.

    They acknowledged the bug in one of the posts and that has been now been deleted. No need to have them post here, if they follow your master bug thread.

    I just want a functioning MIDI sequencer :smiley: , that's all ...

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    Ok, maybe i am not being clear, so i will be as clear as possible.

    I personally have passed this bug on to @mathieugarcia who assured me that @vincent is investigating this (These two guys are Intua, they WILL be fixing this bug)

    I have just sent @mathieugarcia another email (which i dislike doing) to remind him of this bug, i hope that is enough now ?

    The other thread was in general, not bug reports, it was a duplicate, it was no track back, i was made a moderator (not working for Intua at all, just trying to help out and keep all reports compiled and tidy so they can be captured by Intua) to help tidy the forum and try to keep an up to date as possible list SPECIFICALLY for the developers to read, so they have quick access to reported bugs.

    I move all bug reports from other areas of the forum in to bug reports for this very purpose, this bug report had two threads, both had the exact same copy and pasted report from yourself, i deleted the one in general to keep the one in bug reports.

    I hope that is now clear, you are not being ignored or censored, they just havent fixed the bug YET.

    And lets be very very clear, I am a ruthless so n so, if there is a bug, i will not be deleting threads to hide it, I will be shouting about it until it is fixed, and Intua want to fix bugs too, this bug WILL be fixed.

  • Understood.


  • For the record, this bug also p**ses me off ;)

  • I don't see this in the list of "fixed" items in 3.04.

    Has it been resolved?

  • It's not fixed afaik. Still can't record midi cc automation either :pensive:

  • Still an issue in 3.05.

    Just to recap. It seems that CC data is lost on MIDI file import. I don't think BM3 even responds to CC data directly from my Nanakontrol 2 either.

  • Right, that didn't make the cut with the new update. Sorry about that, this is still in the backlog obviously!

  • Giving up.

    No resolution on this basic issue since day 1.


  • @AB20 said:
    Giving up.

    No resolution on this basic issue since day 1.


    Don’t give up. :( Midi is young in BM3. MIDI CCs and NOTE ON/OFF VALUES have not been fully addressed across the entire app. I’m hoping we get some MIDI love soon!

  • Well ... I've been told "we're looking into it" for six months. Uhg.

  • By who ?
    Nobody said they were looking in to it in this thread, you bought BM3 as it was when you bought it, not for updates.

  • By you.

    @5pinlink said:

    I personally have passed this bug on to @mathieugarcia who assured me that @vincent is investigating this (These two guys are Intua, they WILL be fixing this bug)

    Read your own post above. I have sent in multiple support request since the app was released. I have been responded to by the developer in other threads.

    It is their app and they can focus on whatever they wish. I bought the app thinking it had a functional MIDI implementation. It does not. Note and velocity info may be enough for some users, but I actually need CC info to be imported.

    Six months and 10 updates later, I still can't import a MIDI file.

  • I dont work for Intua, nothing i say represents Intua in the slightest bit, i was told they were looking in to it but i am not Intua, so you havent really been told anything, just random internet talk from some guy (me) who had an email conversation with somebody from intua ( which amounts to nothing) if you want actual details then contact Intua or as you suggested, give up.

  • As far as I understand it, you are a mod on their official forum. The information you have provided me in this forum has somewhat confusing.

    For people actually interested in getting MIDI CCs functional, I just want to state that support requests have been made directly to Intua and via this forum. They have been acknowledged (mathieugarcia actually responds to this thread above and has responded in other threads).

    At this point, I'm going to continue using other apps that do what I need them to do and not spend my time hoping for features that may or may not come.

  • You stated you were told "We're are looking in to it" which is not true, "We're" would imply Intua staff, which i am not, so i made that very clear for you, just to reiterate, i am not Intua staff, I sent them and email and told you what i was told, that does not constitute "We're are looking in to it" for six months.

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