IPhone UI crippling Ipad UI?

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@mathieugarcia is @5pinlink's speculation accurate re iPhone ui limiting the iPad version ui?

Been assuming that adding a 'keys' icon in the left column (+ potentially other shortcuts/performance buttons like 'ctr-all' etc in that column) was a no-brainer that would inevitably get added at some point, along with some more nudge/trim etc buttons under piano roll etc. But if shortcuts are already maxed out due to iPhone considerations I'm not sure BM3's gonna work out for me. Too much menu/page diving/fiddling atm.

Would be cool if you can give us a quick heads up on this :) I had high hopes for BM3 but this talk of iPhone UI consideration has totally killed my optimism, it potentially holds BM3 back too much imo. I can't really see how the workflow can be smoothed out without more shortcuts and long term I'd probably find it too tedious/slow to use as a heavy duty composing or performance environment.

Wouldn't normally ask for a confirmation on any roadmap etc but don't wanna waste time making banks/instruments/live sets etc if ultimately I'm never gonna use them ;) Not looking for specifics or dates, just whether the shortcut buttons are maxed out already due to iPhone.

Thanks :)


  • I didn't speculate anything, all i said was that the UI needs to fit on an iphone at some point, putting words in peoples mouths is not cool :(

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    @5pinlink What are you talking about??? You said that there might not be as much ipad UI space as there seems to be because at some point the app has to go to iPhone. That is speculating. It's not a crime to speculate, I wasn't accusing you of anything, or putting words in your mouth. chill the f*ck out.
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    You said -

    "We do have to keep one thing in mind when we look at the UI vis a vis adding in new buttons and such, at some point, this thing has to go iPhone, so Intua must be keeping an eye on that at all times too, so while it seems there is plenty of space, that may not be the case"

    Before I read that it hadn't even crossed my mind that iPhone ui might have a final influence over what can be done on ipad UI.

    But you said it 'may' be so. That = speculation.

    If you're gonna be a mod you're gonna need to be a little less trigger happy with stuff like accusing people of putting words in other peoples mouth (it's not even 10am.. not down with having that thrown at me first thing....) and grow some thicker skin dude, play the role..
  • seems you 2 have the begins of a fine standup doubles act in development here. needs a little work and refinement before to goes public tho.
    badum tish.

    with regard to ipad apps wanting to be used by some people as credible musical instruments but having UI's crippled by devs feeling they need to cater to people who expect the all the same features on their dog and bone so they can make chooz on the metro...well, how wonderful

  • Lol. Hella tiresome/weird tbh.

    Re BM3. Ipad version should play out its potential and = serious hardware instrument. IPhone version should = whatever's possible to cram in.

    Be a huge waste to see the iPad app diluted just so it can be ported without revision.
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    Moving on...


    Yes it is a shame that the tools aren't perfect. But in the bigger view, what the hell is new? Anger, frustration, despair, joy, elation... from a creative point of view, emotions are armaments. If the tools dont work, use other ones. If they dont work, find another way for expression within limits. They can be overcome.

    That said, don't even get me started on the Midi Associations stance on Octave numbering:


    I think its best not to invest too much creativity into BM3 at this particular time, but... well, hope is free, right? Including the hope that the constraints of one platform don't distort the functionality of an application. Time will tell, but I have trust right now. That is a cognitive cost rather than an emotional cost.

  • @Heyez On the iPad, we have plenty of room to add more options that might not be needed for the iPhone version. Obviously, the screen size is a limitation so decision are to be made, BUT, this will not affect the current iPad layout. We have plenty of improvements in the backlog, right now, let's just fix and polish the existing feature set. The keyboard shortcut you mention is something that is coming shortly thought, along with quick instrument switching from this fullscreen keyboard mode.

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    @Nick Lol, I know what you're saying. I'm not sobbing myself to sleep or not making music with what I have ;) Just don't wanna waste time making banks/instruments etc and dealing with the current UI while thinking of BM3 as a useable future destination...if the relationship between ipad and iPhone versions means no more shortcut buttons etc.
    Seems like a pretty legit concern/question that can hopefully just get a quick 'yes' or 'no' from intua on. Wouldn't make the app a total write-off either way, just would mean it's not gonna work for me personally.

    Re the MonoPoly. Guessing no AU? Can you run multiple instances inside Gadget?
  • @mathieugarcia sweet, thanks for clearing it up :) relief to to know ipad version won't be hemmed in by the iPhone version. Back to 'the sky's the limit' optimism vibes :)
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    @Heyez Gotcha! I hear you. NP! It was an open mantra :smile: Apparently AU "near the end of the year" for desktop edition, but as usual, no AUv3 on iOS. Such a pity! I'd love moog to get their act together and make Filtatron AUv3. I think Model 15 or Animoog would be pushing it... but all three being AUv3? Yes please! I think Korg are focused on making Gadget a dedicated IAA host, so AUv3 editions unlikely. May write a FR to them... :)

    @mathieugarcia you rock :smile:

  • http://www.electronicbeats.net/the-feed/holy-crap-korgs-monopoly-synth-now-ios-app/

    jeez, i just don't get this rapacious mentality every time a new or old synth app pops out.
    musing one (indisputable) this isn't a korg mono/poly. painting black strips on a white horse doesn't make it a zebra.
    musing two (disputable) most synths sound the same, analogue vs digital is a time honoured one. if they don't then it's because people just fiddle with presets and don't take the time to learn to program them.
    what's worrying is that however many months down the line there will be another app out and this one here will be left standing. maybe iap purchases are a good thing, especially for daws. keeps the devs getting payed. if people want a new UI to play with and learn, fine.

  • @Nick yeah same here with hoping for Filtatron AUv3 (and Animoog could 'maybe' work OK.. ). Spoke to someone at moog last week and they said they're looking in to AUv3, so maybe...
    Yeh Gadget's existence isn't a great omen for any Korg AUv3 appearing...bummer :(
  • @canister Haven't played a MonoPoly IRL or ios (will check demos at some point...) but the Ms20 app is worth having if you dig the hardware version and want it in your ipad. Not totally the same, obvs, but pretty close sonically and in the architecture response...

    Yeh, most synths can sound vaguely the same, like you say, but each has strengths/different vibes/varied modulation options etc. Dialling in one particular sound on a moog might take 5 seconds whereas trying to mimic that particular sound on an Analog Keys could take an hour+ and still not nail the same character or response when tweaked, and vice versa. If you can dial in legit Oberheim sounds on a Mininova you should start a presets business ;)

    I could live with 2 synths, one mono and one poly and get by. But it would definitly be a limited palette and mean a lot of compromise or ballache dialling in patches when reaching for certain sounds...
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    @Heyez ballache? from dialling in patches? LMAO! Never heard that term before! What a metaphor! Ha ha ha

  • yeah, i'm as much of drama queen about not wetting my pants when a new app pops up. plus, trying to exercise some self control is warping my personality!
    the ms20's filter is lovely, aye. can't get my head round a soft mono tho??

    'I could live with 2 synths, one mono and one poly and get by. But it would definitly be a limited palette and mean a lot of compromise or ballache dialling in patches when reaching for certain sounds...'
    true, and i've got few more than 2. like underpants, a man needs a few to have more than one colour on his palette

    good news from the man about this app. sunshine covers the sky

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