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Is it possible to join several audio files into one pattern on an audio track without creating a new audio file (like you can do in most desktop DAWs)?

What I'd like to do is use several samples, arrange and join them into an "audio pattern", then drag that pattern to an audio track in Scene mode.

I'm new to BeatMaker and so far I didn't find a way to do so without using the sample pads.


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    I think the only way to do that at the moment is to

    • assign each audio file to a pad
    • sequence concurrent playing of the audio files
    • create a new bank and record the multiple audio files playing concurrently
      then treat the aggregated recording as a single audio file... which is not the feature you are looking for, right?
  • If I'm understanding you correctly, then this is a case for 'Groups' or a 'Lock Selected' type thingy..

    The ability to group audio clips and or patterns together 'without' merging/bouncing them etc as a new file. These groups can be un-grouped or clips can be added to the group at anytime.

    The nearest BM3 has at this time is using the square select icon, and select the files that are already on the timeline. The difference would be that once you touch anywhere else outside of the selection, the group would un-group.

    If this is not a solution, (or what you need) then this would be a feature request.

    There are probably other names for this but I'm using the word 'Groups' ;)

    Hope it helps,



  • @Nick
    Thanks, I figured something like what you suggested could be done, but as you said, it's not what I'm looking for.
    I'd like to avoid creating multiple audio files to save storage space on my iPad.

    I often use samples of 3 or 7 bars and add one bar with a variation at the end. I can have multiple variations with the same 3 or 7 bars at the beginning. In the Sequencer view there is no problem, but if I want to switch to the Scene view I can't load this audio sequence to a scene, only audio files.

    When working with midi patterns you can select several patterns and an option to merge those patterns appears. This doesn't exist for audio files, but that's exactly what I'd like to have. Merging audio files wouldn't re-render audio and create a new file, just group those files for playback and allow that group to be dragged to a scene as an audio pattern.

  • Audio parts is what you are after, they are pretty rare in most DAWs, but they do suit a pattern based DAW like this perfectly, EnergyXT 1.4 had the best implementation of them, they where amazing.

    Double click an audio clip in the timeline, currently the intermediary sample editor is shown, you can then click on edit sample to bring up the full sample editor.

    An example of how audio parts could be implemented...

    Double click an audio clip and the intermediary sample editor would be shown but with the option to add multiple lanes and import new audio files, cut copy and paste with the usual selection tools for create an audio sequence, close this and it would all be contained within the single audio clip.
    This is how audio parts n EnergyXT 1.4 worked and it was super powerful.

  • EnergyXT 1 was the only DAW that I know of that had multi-channel audio parts (it was truly awesome), but single channel parts are pretty common in other DAWs.

    I see there's a feature request sub-forum, can this discussion be moved there?

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    @branis To the best of my knowledge, you'd have to create a new thread under the Feature Request category. You never know, not that its my call, but @5pinlink has been managing a pretty comprehensive feature request thread and by all accounts is on board with the workflow that you're looking for. Its certainly got my attention too - would be a great built in feature. Untested and talking blindly - perhaps Loopy app could address storage management and provide a short term get-by to emulate the creative process at least (but without the level of detail one would want for fine grained control unfortunately)...

  • @branis @nick
    I recently discoverd that the author of thread or discussion can easely change the category of that thread as well as the heading, which is probably better, since you don't loose comments, suggestions etc. ;)

  • @Nick I created a new thread here

  • Removed the new thread and just moved this one to FR ;)

  • @denx Thanks for the clarification!
    @branis Sorry for the misinfo- great to see you could keep this thread!
    @5pinlink You the man!

  • I'm interested in this too! Select smaller audio clips in song mode, tap "merge", then be able to add the large clip to a pattern.


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