Pre/Post Toggles on Mixer Sends

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I've been struggling with the lack of this ability in the mixer, especially having come from AUM's mixer where this functionality has been very seamlessly integrated.


  • +1 Critical for a "full blown" mixer. B)

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    Just reiterating how important a pre/post setting for sends is!
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    On a related note...

    I'd love the ability to route pads to 1 or more sub-mix/bus channels.

    Perhaps we could have a system where every pad routes to the bank channel by default, but can be switched to one of several bus channels. This would be amazing for compressing and FX'ing all my percussion on a single bus, etc..

  • @tk32 unless I'm mistaken I think that this already possible (each pad also has access to all available sends). With pre/post functionality this'd be take to the next level!
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    I haven't tried a multi out audio interface yet, are you saying that in the mixer with I/O button on, you can only select Bank or the main stereo out for each pad ?

    That sounds like a bug to me if so, cant see the point to an I/O option if it does nothing.

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    @OscarSouth ,
    True, but the problem with doing a sub-mix with sends and aux channels is that 'dry' audio still plays through the original output channel(s). If I try to adjust the level on the source's channel strip (ie muting), it also mutes all audio sent to the aux track too.

    Here's an example scenario...

    I have a bank with a sampled drum kit loaded, and I want to sub mix and compress this with another bank containing an AU drum kit (eg Ruismaker FM). I could potentially load Ruismaker onto a spare pad in the drum kit bank, but it then becomes a nightmare when creating and managing midi patterns for this combined percussion bank.

    Alternatively, if the drum kit and Ruismaker are in separate banks, and both 'sending' 100% to a dedicated AUX track with my FX, how do I stop the dry sound playing through the original channels _without_ also muting the sends?

    (Hoping @5pinlink is reading this and has a solution :) )
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    Mixer/channel strip functions needs a boost in general really... Pre/post... routing of multiple tracks > one track.... fx chain presets... freeze track etc... It's 'ok' at moment but feels very bare bones in comparison to what else is out there in Daw land..
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    @5pinlink Ah you know what, I check just now. I previously just saw 'Bank output' and it didn't look clickable so I didn't try it. It is possible to route each pad to a different output in the same way as a bank.

    I don't want to get side tracked from the main point here: Pre/Post option for AUX sends!!

    @tk32 oh, yea. that's exactly the situation that I'm talking about. If you could set the appropriate AUX sends to 'pre fader' mode, then you could just kill the original signal and the AUX would still be receiving audio from the track.
  • Coming in 3.0.4!

  • @mathieugarcia Yes!!! Thanks!

    Roll on updates!
  • yeah! roll on baby! ;-)

  • This is implemented and can be removed from the list now right ?

  • I’m currently stumped by this feature. I’m trying trying to send output from Bank A to AUX1, and I’d like to either mute or turn down the Bank A output, and just hear aux1. I toggle the pre-fader/post-fader send at the bottom of the screen to pre-fader for Bank A, but it appears to have no effect. When I pull down the Bank A fader, the level drops in Aux1. What am I doing wrong? IPad Pro 10.5, BM 3.0.6

  • Change the Aux to pre fade not the bank ;)

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    Excellent! Except that I’ve tried that as well, and the toggles on the Aux channels don’t actually toggle. Both Show Pads and pre/post send buttons are disabled for all Aux. Perhaps I have an issue that requires a delete and re-install. I don’t believe I’ve missed any global settings or other place where this would be configured?

    [Update] I just created a new Session and the toggle (on Bank, not Aux) works as expected. That is, I can set to pre-fader send, turn down the Bank fader, and Aux1 still sees the signal. Presumably the issue is that I was previously loading a Session that predated this feature (3.0.4).

  • To be honest it is a bit poor right now anyway, having to set all sends on a particular channel to pre or post is not that useful, you need to be able to set individual sends.

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