elemental - Eighteen Plus (in the style of Steve Reich)

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Another piece that I wrote a couple of months ago but couldn't export due to file size until the new release came out today.

This is a tribute to and shameless ripoff of composer Steve Reich. "Eighteen" in the title refers to his masterpiece "Music for Eighteen Musicians", and I guess the "Plus" is for the John Bonham-inspired drum part. The mood starts to change about halfway through, and the second part is very different than the first. Enjoy...


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    Would appreciate not being directed to a share service that has trashy pics/ads. I have a kid.

    Try soundcloud. A bit more respectable and it's musician oriented.
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    You are right. I have been meaning to switch to another service for a while for just that reason. Thanks for the extra motivation, I am going to move and re-post all my tracks.
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    Cool. Thanks. I'm a fan of Reich (and other modern minimalists) BTW. I have a drummer friend who used to play in his ensemble.
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