Difficulty using midi in other apps such as Geoshred

Hi I'm relatively new to all this so please bear with me. I've created a bank of 16 pads to recreate a rock guitar. The first 4 pads have fret noises and "chug" sounds then on the 5th pad the chords start at E2 rising in semitones on each pad for the next 16 pads. Ive linked Each of the pads to a key on my midi keyboard using the focus actions editor in the midi screen without problem. The problem arises when I want to use the same set up using Geoshred to control the bank which i would like to do as i like the interface. Is there a way to allocate pads in beatmaker 3 to different notes in geoshred? The only way i can get it to work is by turning pitch to on in the midi mapping screen for the first playable chord sample i Have which is (E2) but then all i have in geoshred is the sampled E2 chord raised by a semitones and don't have any of the chugs and fret noises available. Just wondering if anyone knows if its possible to do and how to do it, hope Ive explained the problem clearly, and help would be appreciated


  • Outside focus actions, each pad has its own midi channel which makes it great to load up waveforms and instuments which then can get mapped to controllers keys so you can play the sample/instument at different pitches.
    If I understand you, all you need to do is map the corresponding midi channel from geoshred to the pad you want to use. I dont have geoshred so not sure how it does it.

  • Thanks richtowns, I used the focus actions without issue on my midi keyboard but couldn't seem to get it to work when using it to pick up the controller keys on Geoshred. Ill have another crack at it and look at the midi setting in geoshred, thanks for that . __

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