Edit Scene automation?

edited August 2017 in Support
Quickly tried automation of fx in a scene last night and it didn't seem to work. Had automation 'on' in record options etc but didn't seem to be possible. Today I checked before posting a feature request for it to be added. Works. Not sure what happened last night, user error or bug.

Now im able to record automation in to a Scene but don't seem to be able to Edit the scene automation after recording? Unless the answer is staring me in the face and I'm just not seeing it?

EDIT - also, what's the pattern/scene/timeline relationship/hierarchy regarding automation? For instance if I have -

Pattern 1. Recorded in song timeline. With automation for pattern 1 recorded in song timeline.

I drag that pattern 1 to scene 1 in scene view. Does the timeline view automation copy with it?

If I record automation in pattern 1 in scene 1. Will that automaton be recorded separately to the song timeline Pattern 1 automation previously recorded? Or will it replace it?

And if I have pattern 1 in scene 2 and pattern 1 and scene 3. Can I record different automation per scene? Or is automation locked to pattern in scenes?

Sorry for the questions! I'll test later when I get some time but wondering if anyone can lay it out for me in advance? Thanks
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