Midi note duplication?

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I hope someone could help me diagnose this issue (may not be a bug AKA a "PICNIC" AKAK "Problem-In-Chair-Not-In-Computer")!

  1. Create a new Session
  2. Create Bank A
  3. Add Ruismaker to Pad 16
  4. Go to keyboard view, press C#2 - kick drum plays
  5. Create Bank B
  6. Add Ruismaker to Pad 32
  7. Go to keyboard view, press C#2 - kick drum plays flam style (change kits to avoid duplicate sounds)
  8. Create Bank C
  9. Add Ruismaker to Pad 48
  10. Go to keyboard view, press C#2 - silence
  11. Delete Bank A
  12. Ruismaker on Bank B Pad 32 still flams

Or simpler

  1. New Session > Bank A > Pad 32 > Ruismaker
  2. Press and hold note down - Kick plays
  3. Release note - Kick plays again

I suspect this a MIDI NoteOn/NoteOff issue internal to BM3 and perhaps somehow related to Pad numbering assignments but unsure. Of course, it could be a bug with Ruismaker, but also unsure of that.

Would anyone mind duplicating, perhaps with other instruments?

BM3 3.0.2
Ruismaker 2.0


  • I bumped into some issues with notes being triggered on release during beta but could never properly track it down.
    This sounds like a similar issue but I'm unable to re-preduce it following the instruction :(

  • Tried it. Same symptoms. I suspect Beatmaker big as it didn’t trigger twice when I put Ruismaker on the first few pads.

  • Interesting! Cheers @samu - will do a run through again later this eve

  • Huh. I put Enkl on pad 40 and it won’t sound at all.
    Then it got weird. I put Plectrum on pad 32 and it only triggers the notes the first time I play them. Single, not double, then dead.
    Put Plectrum on pad 16, it works normally.
    Put Enkl on pad 8, it’s fine.
    Then I filled the whole bank.

    The first 16 pads work, the next 16 are wonky, the top 32 are broken.

  • Confirmed here too.

  • Thanks @TheMediocritist @5pinlink! It's not a PICNIC after all... unless you invert the sequential position of the words Conputer and Chair :expressionless: - devop slang has its charms :smile: . @5pinlink - if you think it's worth it and you have the time to put this somewhere...
  • I put it in the list earlier @Nick ;)

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  • Sukhino Bhava

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