MIDI to skip ahead to next scene?

edited August 2017 in Support
Hiya. Apologies if I've missed this in the documentation. Is it possible to skip forward to the next scene with one midi foot pedal? So I can easily play through all the parts of a song without dancing around the pedals

A bit more detail: in beatmaker 2 I have loaded in a bunch of samples - each one is the backing track for one part of a song. I've assigned each sample onto a drum pad, and assigned a midi pedal to each pad, so I can play through the song by hitting each midi pedal at the right time. Timing isn't a major issue because it's mostly quite ambient music. But, some songs have 30+ samples/sections and it's hard work playing the viola and trying to hit the right pedals! So, if I can set it up in BM3 so that I only need to hit the same single pedal to skip to every successive section/sample/Scene, then that would be AMAZING. Is anyone able to advise? Thanks all. Ed
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