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It can be deleted. I haven't deleted it. What is it?


  • Yeah!




  • Its not an Austin Martin.

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    9 - It's not (A.M), lol



  • I already deleted it but when you re open BM3 this file is re created :neutral:

  • "I already deleted it"

    You brave person!


    So I just did a Google search on it, and it brought me right back to THIS thread, excellent!

    I'll have a read through later, and see if I can figure this out. ;)



  • NUI is a GUI framework, it is quite possible that that database contains all the colors or such for styling the app ?

  • it is your db (tags, names, ...)

  • @5pinlink I think you're right - the word "Fonts" is a bit of a giveaway. If it is simply an internal application file, would be great to hide it away if possible. Native Instrument Maschine droppings on the user root directory macOS filesystem forced a little research and terminalFu to vanish it away from Finders fs ui. Not that native system terminal is available on iOS. Or ever will be. Or.... zzzz

  • During beta I mentioned that it would be a good idea to hide the file to keep things clean.
    It's also used as 'font-cache' for the UI fonts and it's re-created if it's missing.

  • Good to know - cheers @samu :)

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  • Does this want moving to FR ?
    "Feature request, please stop messing with my OCD"
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  • Yes please :)

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