Inter pattern crackles

I've got 4 different banks running each with one 4 bar self sampled orchestral sound running from sampletank ( violins, violas, cellos, bases) in a simple chord progression pattern
I am getting crackles between patterns and have tried;
Setting latency to 512 ( 1024 seems to introduce so random additional noise ! )
Fading start and end of each sample
Being first a musician and not a tech expert, after struggling with BM3 to make a decent tune, I'm convinced I'm doing something wrong as BM3 can't be this bad so would appreciate any ideas before giving up returning to my less stressful but more musical world of gadget and cubasis
Thanks chaps (running ipad air2 if that helps)


  • What sample rate are you using?

  • 44100, 512 latency and 16bit

  • Under the general tab, what is the CPU meter reading while playing back ?
  • Flashes up to about 40% which seems high considering only 4 tracks playing single note samples. Peaks coincide with he crackles.

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    Hmmm can you upload the project somewhere ?
    Air2 here and never broke a sweat....
    Wait, when you say running from Sampletank, do you mean 4 instances of Sampletank running ?
  • I recorded a single note c3 violin sample from sampletank 4 bars long into one bank then repeated the exercise with violas etc. Then created a single chord pattern for each instrument. Repeating those patterns gives the crackles between them. No instances of sampletank running and no effects or other instruments plugged in

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