Crash when changing browser preview volume?! (Fixed 3.0.3)

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Hi All!

Bumped into a weird bug when changing the Browser Preview Volume in the Settings -> General Tab.

Start BM3 as normal and create a new session.
Go to Settings -> General.
While In the Settings tap on New to create a new session.
Now when I try to adjust the Browser Preview Volume BM3 bails to the iOS Springboard (ie. the app crashes).

This is highly repeatable on my Air 2, iOS10.3.3 even after reboots and ram-cleanups.
(I started to dig into this when I bumped into random crashes when trying to change the Browser Preview Volume).

I'm still running BM3 3.0.2...


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    Interesting find @samu.

    Repeated steps, same behaviour.
    Same specs too: iPad Air 2, iOS 10.3.3, BM 3.0.2

  • well just over all, Ive had more crashes with the latest version than ever, just had something really nice going, went to the mixer window and selected the bank I wanted to show pads with and crash, and nothing auto backed up or saved, just lost a nice idea, REALLY disappointing, there really needs to be a auto save when crashes happens like Logic Pro. Im getting really nervous about working in BM3 and losing work. Im also on an IPad Air 2. The latest update is just not really stable for me. I might have to put BM3 on the back burner till it gets ironed out.

  • Just tested and can duplicate this one here too.

    Had a few crashes over past couple of days. Feels like overall stability is a couple of updates away but sounds like they're working really hard on getting it there ASAP so I'm cool with waiting it out.
  • Looking into this right now, sorry about those crashes, they are addressed top priority!


  • Can i move this to fixed @samu, its not happening here 3.0.3 ?

  • @5pinlink said:
    Can i move this to fixed @samu, its not happening here 3.0.3 ?

    That's correct, it's been fixed in 3.0.3 as far as I know.

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