BM3 Beat Battle 01 (Entries by Oct 2nd)

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Battle 01 "ONE distraction"


1 bank/pads track.
1 audio track (Optional)
1 AUX track (Optional)
1 ipad mic sample.
1 Radio sample from each of the 5 stations in this app (5 Samples total)öm/id495549899?mt=81
1 AU instrument instance (If totally necessary. If an AUi is used, only 1 patch/drum kit allowed).
Unlimited fx - Native BM3 fx or freebie.
Hit the random number generator link below and add 85 to get your project tempo.

Optional extra rule - Pick a no.1 single from year you were born and cover it using the above guidelines.

Beatmaker 3 only.
Entries Uploaded to Soundcloud (For easy inclusion in the voting playlist).
Deadline Oct 2nd.


  • Battle 01 discussion here

    Only post entries here to keep it tidy ;)

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    Here's my first entry...
    tk32 - "Afterhours on the corner of Tannhäuser"

    - 1 Bank (with 4 radio-sourced Ström samples)
    - 1 AUi (Beepstreet 'Zeeon')
    - a couple of BM3 FX
    - 108 BPM
    - 1 hour of composition and tweaking

    It's not my normal style - but I had great fun ripping random samples from the 5 stations in the Ström app. I sense it's got a slight Bladerunner feel to it, hence the Tannhäuser reference in the title.

    Who's up next?

  • sweet sounds :smile:

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    @tk32 great textures!
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    I really went all out on this.
    I hope you guys enjoy it and maybe find some inspiration! :D

  • @DeanDaughters said:
    I really went all out on this.
    I hope you guys enjoy it and maybe find some inspiration! :D

    Amazing work Dean - watching it now.

    I knew you'd smash it!

  • @DeanDaughters Nice one dude :) Some amazing locations in that vid too!
  • Thank you very much, guys :)

    I've chopped out the audio and uploaded it to soundcloud here:

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    Look guys, I know some of you have probably now been put off entering due to Dean's awesome 'shenanigans' (in his words) above, but don't forget... second place is still very much achievable!

    Here's hoping there's a flurry of submissions in the last 2 days before the Sept 30th deadline

  • @tk32 deans is awesome (as usual) no doubt, but i am throwing my cards in here, i still prefer yours at this point, the competition is wide open right now !!

  • C'mon peeps! 1st BM3 battle, don't be shy ;) Extra 'admiration points' for anyone who starts now and throws in a last minute jam ;) 2 days to go!
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  • @triton100 Cool, Let's say Entries by Monday, might get a few more people able to get some time over wknd ;)
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  • <3 You can do so much in one weekend <3

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    Here's my entry. Had to dust off the old sampling chops for this one. Also it was my first deep dive into Beatmaker. I started working on this one yesterday. Enjoy!

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    ^ that was cool, really liked it.

    As a different flavor, I humbly submit:

    5 Ström samples spread across as many banks , 1 Zeeon patch, 1 recording, 1Aux

    Why not use those headphones?

  • Just dropped in on this thread. These entries are all dope!

  • Absolutely brilliant all the entries so far !!!!

  • ...and then there were 4. So glad a few more have stepped up and put their money where their mouths were!

    Come on everyone else - have some fun - record some weird samples - create some otherwordly soundscapes (like @tk32 and @Trig) - or just a cool beat from found sounds (like @DeanDaughters and @dafingaz )

  • I hope there are more of these! Keeping an eye on the outcome - pity it's soundcloud based. Maybe another time - this is totally my kind of thing otherwise! :)
  • Nice late entries! Great job @dafingaz @trig :)

    @Nick what's the grievance with soundcloud? I know it sucks in terms of their app/mobile lacking a bunch of functionality but beside that I never had any real issue with it? We could easy switch to another site in future if there's a better one out there? I haven't really kept up with new stuff in that area so would be interested to hear of good new alternatives :)
  • You don't have to use SoundCloud, just make sure we can play it easily.

    SoundCloud happens to be most convenient, but you could also use YouTube, or just link to an MP3 on Dropbox or Google drive?
  • I was suggesting soundcloud originally so that all the tracks could be put in a voting playlist. But if only a handful of entries then that's kind of overkill ;)
  • If anybody wants private space i can host on the 5pin link server ;)

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    Nice work, dafingaz and Trig!


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    @Heyez Don't get me wrong - it's not an issue with soundcloud per se, it just seems overkill to create an account there just to share a doodle as I'm not currently a user- that's all ;) Totally get why you chose it and no problems there! If anything worth the headspace arises, I'll share from my Box account or take you up on the hosting offer @5pinlink
    No pressure. No pressure at all. Ha ha ha.
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