Roland FD-8 Hi Hat Pedal and BM3

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I've had great success using my Roland TD-4 vdrum kit to trigger BM3 beats however my Hi Hat Controller is the Roland FD-8. Using midi-learn I'm trying to set the pedal up to do the following:

Open Hi-Hat - Strike the hi-hat without pressing the pedal. - WORKS GREAT!
Half Open Hi-Hat - Strike the hi-hat with the pedal pressed half-way. SEEMS TO WORK.
Closed Hi-Hat - Strike the hi-hat with the pedal pressed. - WORKS, but sometimes triggers a second sample
Foot Closed Completely press down the pedal. - This is where it bugs out. When depressed BM3 triggers the closed sounds multiple times.Not sure if this is a sensitivity issue or if can be resolved.
Foot Splash - Quickly hitting the hi-hat pedal (with heel or toes) and instantly releasing it. - I've not tried this.

Anyone have any pointers to map this so BM3 Triggers the hi hat sounds as well as the TD-4 Brain?




  • Do you know what messages are being sent by your drum brain, just out of interest ?

    Sorry i can't help too much, we have a crappy HiHat set up here in to the DM5, next thing on my list is upgrading the HiHat triggering.

  • I'll make a note this evening and post them.

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