Mapping Program Change Commands to Focus Actions (or Bank Change by Program Change)

edited August 2017 in Feature Requests
A lot of MIDI controllers allow a program change command to be sent automatically when switching preset.

If those program change commands could be mapped to SELECT BANK Focus Actions, then BM3 could be told to automatically switch to the related bank, when the controller's preset is changed.

Sounds pretty handy to me!

Ps. Program change inside hosted AUs which support it natively also doesn't work in BM3..


  • I always thought program change should switch up and down pads too (user preference)
    So if you have a bank loaded with 128 instruments, you could go up n down.
  • @5pinlink that also sounds handy, although personally moving banks would be more useful to me, so that BM3 is prepped to move the macros correlating to that hardware preset.

    Bank and program change could be combined to select a bank group and bank inside it (need to check if my own controller can assign bank change as well as program change on preset load)
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