Loading bank preset to replace existing bank preset - what happens to midi patterns?

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I have the idea of trying out different bank presets after having recorded a pattern in song mode - without adding a new bank and copying the pattern over to the new bank.

I'm wondering - and don't have my ipad at hand now - if I load a new bank preset to an existing bank/pad to which I have recorded patterns, replacing the previous bank (be it samples on several pads or an AUi on pad1), what will happen to the pattern(s) that I have recorded?


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    You can choose, there is a load pattern button on the browser when loading banks, it was buggy in 3.0.1, i will test it when i get home on 3.0.2 ;)
  • Thanks @5pinlink - I can confirm that it works: load new bank preset to existing bank and midi patterns remain.

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