Can anyone give me some insight into recording in Mono?

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I was recording in a Mono signal today, it's DI'd into input 3 on my iCA4+ and the audio track set to record that input. I noticed that the mixer channel looks like the picture attached.

Any insight here? Do I need to consider any technical factors in the tracking process when recording mono?


  • How is the pan set ?
  • Should be central, I'll double check when I get back to work (lunchtime!).
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    Would putting the input into AUM and recording mid/side channels out in to BM3 work? Sorry - didn't realise it was a BM3 specific question from the title!

  • @5pinlink Checked pan, all centred. It's coming from a Mono hardware input and I'm selecting only that input in BM3 i/o, so no chance that it's anything but Mono.

    I recorded and exported a bit of audio to BM3 timeline and solo'd+exported, if that's useful?: (96.40 BPM) - MAIN OUT.wav?dl=0
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    No effects or anything on the channel ?
    Yep that is very bad, I am going to move this to bugs if that's OK @OscarSouth ?

  • Good with me. I have an EQ and a compressor on the channel (BM3 effects). Tomorrow I'll test removing them and see if it's one of them.
  • Aaaah i shall wait till then then, this could be a an issue with one of those effects doing some strange stuff with mono inputs.

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    I couldn't reproduce (regardless of plugins) when I tried quickly this morning. It was happening reliably previously but I've deleted, recreated, rerouted and played around with that project's audio tracks since then. Will be working with my equipment later today so I'll post an update if it shows up again.
  • Any news on this appearing again @Oscarsouth ?

  • I'll be working with my equipment tomorrow daytime, I'll specifically look for this.
  • Thanks dude, i have put it in unconfirmed for now

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