Pattern jumps = buggy when routed to audio track

Bank A = 8 drum samples. 2 x patterns in the pattern browser.
1 Audio track with Bank A as input.
Go to Bank A pads view. Press record. While sequencer is recording I do some instant pattern jumps by switching between pattern 1 and 2 in the pattern browser list.
Stop recording.
Audio track doesn't have a wav of the full pass. Seems like it stops recording audio after the first pattern jump I do.


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    Wondering if it's some kind of conflict between linear timeline recording and scenes? Like maybe when I was switching the patterns in browser it was kind of telling the linear audio track that the 'scene' had finished..Which subsequently stops the audio recording? Or something?

    Maybe @mathieugarcia or @vincent can chime in and explain what's going on?
  • Hi there
    @triton100 This has been fixed for 3.0.3
    @Heyez For now, recording is stopped whenever you do actions such as removing a track, creating/switching pattern in a scene, editing the timeline directly, etc..
    This will probably get fine tuned where it can hurt the workflow.


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  • @vincent thanks for explaining what's going on with the audio stopping recording :)

    Cool, yeah hopefully it can be changed soon so that routing > audio track is a useable substitute for the current lack of open resampling. Killing the audio recording during instant pattern jumps is a bummer :(
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