Timer missing in Audio Recorder? (Fixed 3.0.3)

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Just noticed that the timer is no longer visible when recording using the 'Audio recorder'.

When I start the recording in threshold mode I see a timer 00:00 above the 'Waiting'.

Once the threshold is reached and recording starts the 'timer' disappears making it impossible to see how long the recording actually is?! (As far as I recall the 'timer' worked perfectly in 3.0.0 and 3.0.1!!).

I'm honestly starting to get worried when things that used to work in previous versions get 'broken' in newer versions of the app :(
(Still running BM3.0.2 on iPad Air 2 iOS10.3.3).



  • Hi @samu :-)

    Some CSS cleaning ended up "hiding" the elapsed time label.


  • Speaking of timers, is there any way to view the playhead position's 'time' on the timeline? I could only find how to view the location in bars, not actual time.

  • Is this fixed ? was just trying to test it and found that the ipad microphone doesnt work when in the recorder ???

  • The record-timer is working fine for me as is recording from the Microphone.

    OT, I am a bit worried about the semi-random crashes I'm having while renaming 'banks' that already contain samples, it feels almost like the samples want to belong to a bank that no longer exists after it's been renamed...
    (It's a long-shot. I will mess around with this to find a repeatable pattern it's pretty annoying).

  • Yeah the mic was user gimpout ;)

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