Moved from FR (Solved) A value option for AU/IAA Velocity when switched off

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Vaguely recall seeing something along these lines before but can't find the post.

Planned to have funkbox as an IAA on pad 1 and use the IAA keys page sampler to sample a loose, manually played beat to the next pad.

Kept getting occasional distortion and figured out it was cos I was hitting different velocity zones on the keys. Turned off velocity but the default velocity caused distortion on every single beat. Couldn't find a way to reduce the default velocity when velocity is switched off. Maybe I missed something tho?


  • The 'Fixed Vel' slider sets the default velocity for the selected pad.

  • Thanks @samu :) didn't even see a slider earlier when looking for something like it! @5pinlink feel free to delete this thread unless think useful for others.
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