AU automation knobs don't move and / or are generally 'sticky' with Poison

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  • Similarly I found earlier today with frekvens that some AU params when assigned to a macro would take forever to adjust in the macro params editing pop-up window. Guess it has something to do with possibly finer resolution/increments for certain parameters maybe? Or just a bug? Either way, took like 20+ swipes across screen to fully rotate a couple of the knobs from 100% to 0% :/
  • Yea Frekven's frequency dial has a ridiculously long range of values. If you map it to MIDI it sweeps in large increments.
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    I find it's better to use the AU's native knob interface with frekvens. BM3's show AU Knobs don't translate the greater values properly. I've also noted glitchiness with other AUs using BM3's AU knobs. It would be helpful to have knob sensitivity setting for BM3's AU knobs similar to apeSoft and Amazing Noises apps.

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