Pitch shifting help please

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The manual seems to indicate that duration and auto scale would allow for a sample on the song time line to change pitch with tempo changes. I've tried mucking but don't get any pitch changes.
Am i understanding the function wrong? Or am i doing it wrong? I made sure live stretch was active.
I know this can be achieved with pad samples in key mode, but what about samples on the time line?
I basically trying to emulate old school beat matching.


  • There is no autoscale on the timeline that i have been able to find, I have messaged @mathieugarcia about this, awaiting reply, however, there is live stretch on the timeline, and that does change with tempo, however (again lol) there is currently a bug that cuts off the end of audio clips that have been live stretched.

    To live stretch
    1 Load audio clip on to audio track
    2 Click edit at bottom of screen
    3 Click tempo/Detect tempo
    4 Click livestretch

    That will change with tempo, but the end of audio clips is cut off (being investigated)

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    Thanks for the response @5pinlink. I have already been doing the steps explained above, but the pitch remains the same. I've been trying to find out if having the pitch change along with the time stretch on the time line is possible, or a feature request. Think the pitch__ setting for _warp in Ableton.

    So what is autoscale for then, if not the time line? What do i need to do with duration and autoscale settings to hear the difference? I hear no difference when applying those changes.

  • So you want the pitch of the audio to change as it changes tempo, so as the tempo gets faster the pitch goes up (Resampling) ?

    That is autoscale and not supported on the timeline as far as i can tell. (Wish it was)
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