pattern length samples don't loop correctly in timeline loop

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Sampled a piano phrase.
Timestrech on and set so it's 1 bar at project bpm.
Loop setting is set to forward>reverse.
Record it in to a 2 bar pattern (so the sample plays one fwd>bwd) and it plays back fine.
If I duplicate the pattern so there are 2 instances, adjacent on timeline, it plays fine over both adjacent timeline instances.

But if I set a timeline loop for the 2 bar pattern it plays OK the first time but when it loops it just plays like a brief stab of the sample.
The same if I set a timeline loop for 4 bars (2 x the 2 bar pattern). It plays fine (restarts fine on the duplicate pattern) until the timeline loop restarts after 4 bars.

I've hit this a few times before but forgot to bug report it.. Suuuuuuper annoying. I like to loop a pattern while I'm adding/removing elements. To have to duplicate the pattern all along timeline, just so I can hear it play back correctly, isnt practical...

Anyone know what's going on? Bug? Any workaround?


  • Bump and quick vid to show what I mean -

    The pattern plays fine when played once or in procession with duplicates. But doesn't work right whenever the timeline loop restarts.
  • No one else getting this issue? It's driving me nuts...

    Be cool to know if it's some kind of user error I can fix or if it's a bug (and if so, anyone have a workaround?). Thanks!
  • Pretty sure this has happened to me too, but can't remember which of my BM3 sessions it was. I'll keep looking

    Probably unrelated, but I also occasionally have looping midi patterns that suddenly stop mid-way after x repeats, for no obvious reason. If I can find a way to recreate the conditions under which it happens I'll post a video like you did above.

  • Thanks for response. Hopefully it's all stuff that's traceable/fixable. This kind of thing seems to kill my motivation nearly every time I start doing anything serous in BM3.
  • Have you got a project that does this everytime ?
    Would be helpful for Intua to track it down.
  • Yeh, does it every time in that project and in some other sessions. Will upload this session file.
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