Samples prev Extremely loud / Key of Song?

Hi got a few questions:-)

  1. When im working on project i look for some samples in browser - the preview is extremely more loud than my project can i fix it somehow?
  2. I see scales and chords, but i cant see The Key of song in which i can play those scales - is it only in C dur?
  3. When i export song where i used iFretless and imini - in exported file i dont hear Those inter apps, i have a problem with reloading this apps when i comme back to project - message : cant load iFretless / imini

Thank You for help


  • Hey,
    1. I think there's a browser volume slider in settings since updates?

    Not sure about the other two Q's, sorry.
  • edited September 2017

    1 Look in settings (the cog tab in the browser) i really hope this gets promoted to the browser.

    2 Tap the word 'Octave' it will change to 'Semi' and you can change the key.

    3a IAA is for all imtents and purposes an external piece of MIDI hardware with audio fed in to the mixer in realtime, therefore it can never be rendered, there is an FR for realtime 1:1 recording of master, so maybe in the future, for now you will need to record your IAAs as audio tracks before rendering (personally i would recommend this route for archiving anyway)

    3b Reloading IAA is a pain for any host, you may find that starting those apps first and then loading the project will work though.

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