AU Knob Bug BM3 v 3.0.2

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The first AU knob is missing for AU plugin apps in both sound generators and effects. The missing first MIDI knob control parameters show up in the AUM app. Running iOS 10.3.3 on an iPad Air 2.


  • The BeatMaker 3.0.3 update did not fix this bug as the first AU parameter is still missing for AU apps hosted in BeatMaker 3.

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    Yeah I think AU plugins just don't work well at all in BM3, The show AU knobs button is hit n miss and has no relationship at all to the loaded plugin, be it parameter names, number of dials or even settings, the only plugin that actually works here in that regard is Stereo Phaser by Aleksander Mlasev.
    If BM3 had a great selection of effects it wouldn't be too bad, but there is a limited selection and some of them are not great (I am being very very very polite here)

    Note I am talking specifically about effects here, I haven't done a vast amount of testing with synths.

    @mathieugarcia are we likely to see any updates for this in the next version ?

  • Just curious (haven't had a chance to test yet) does the AU dials macro cpu glitch bug thing still happen in 3.0.3?
  • @OscarSouth said:
    Just curious (haven't had a chance to test yet) does the AU dials macro cpu glitch bug thing still happen in 3.03?

    Yes. Just had a wee shot there.

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    I hadn't noticed this other bug as I've been avoiding using AU automation while the other issue existed.

    But yeah, evidently this is the case. Not with every AU (effect or synth) however.

    I could only find one AU effect where all the parameters were available, but there must be others, like the one @5pinlink mentioned.

    There's quite a few synths where every paramater is accessible from The 'Show AU knobs' page. Just not all at the same time of course, but they all show up in the list. The Bram Bos synths, Icegear stuff a few others. siyntsh fro. These two developers apps also allow recording automation from the app interface. Which is reflected on the interface on playback. Whereas say Poison 202 seems to have all the parameters available from the show AU knobs screen but doesn't allow for recording from the app interface...

    There are AUs where where the first parameter doesn't show up, and that parameter doesn't record from the AU interface, but all the ones that are in the list will record from the interface and will be recreated.

    Then you get AUs where none pf the parameters are exposed and they don't record from the AU interface either, like Virsyns.

    Anyway, this is all a long way of saying this seems to be connected to the fact that there's a lack of consistency with AU implementation as has been mentioned by people like @brambos before, and it's not entirely Intuas fault.

    Clearly different developers are doing things differently in relation to parameters on these things?

  • I found a few other effects apps that do display the first parameter when you select the Show AU Knobs in BM3. These are frekvens (Erik Sigth), Alien Box (Alesandar Mlazev), Harmonizer (Alesandar Mlazev) and a beta I'm a tester for VirtualRoom AU (MN Signal Processing). I have 36 AU effects apps with the missing first parameter behavior for the Show AU Knobs option. I'm curious how the 3 developers are able to get the first parameter to show. Perhaps there is a clue to the issue here for @mathieugarcia.

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