Feature Request: 'Relative' CC behaviour for Endless Rotary Encoders.

I'm not sure what the standard practise is for relative encoder info (both my controllers seem to send it differently - one as static CC values and another something or other related with NPRN) but anyway, 'absolute' control behaviour from encoders (especially hosted in multiple control banks) isn't always ideal.

It'd be much preferable to respond to 'relative' control info - turn one way to increase, turn the other to decrease!


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    Relative is the only way encoders can work, they have no position.
    I'm guessing its a bug.

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    This is how they work with Absolute values on my two controllers:

    I just assumed that it was pretty standard because they are Absolute by default, I had to menu dive to set them to Relative.
  • This pot are not encoders

    Absolute mode send value 0 to 127

    Relative mode send value 0 or 127 depends on the way you turn the pot

    Try to use a midi tool to see it

  • @NeHo
    There's a larger thread that is the 'precurser' to this, where we discuss this in more detail. All these encoders can be mapped to absolute or relative output. This video simply shows the absolute setting.
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