Korg arp odyssey synth sound not routing through

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    Works with Gadget. Korgs standalone apps have lots of issues, see the Audiobus forum for that.
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  • Tempted to make this in to a compatibility thread, what you think ?

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  • It's a Korg problem.
  • No audio issue with ODYSSEi in BM2, seems to be a BM3 issue.
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  • Ims20 is super flakey too. I've always had issues with it when IAA. It was a big part of what originally made me abandon ios couple years ago. Just seemed like a total mess.... Thankfully these days most other apps seem to be way better at integrating... Korg need to step it up!
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    ODYSSEi, iMS-20, iPolysix and iELECTRIBE worked on BM 3.0.0 , didn't work on BM 3.0.1, and unreliable functionality returned with BM 3.0.2. I think it's a combo problem. 3.0.1 caused issues with Unique and Egoist, but again, 3.0.2 seemed to partially restore. IAA is a moving standard and there are a lot of approaches to implementation. Would be great if there was a considered open IAA standard that developers would openly agree to or declare compatibility or accord with. It would make a lot of people's workflow a lot simpler (and faster). Jonatan Liljedahl has made great but seemingly unrecognised efforts here:


    Musicians (and developers) shouldn't have their creativity challenged unnecessarily. I'd love it if a combination of developers and musicians got together to petition to bigger brands in this regard. Any thoughts on this @mathieugarcia? I'm pretty confident it must be a headwrecker for you guys with BM3 being an amazing IAA host, yet having to face so many challenges from the variety of implementations out there.

  • No need to petition big brands, those brands need to pull their fingers out and use AU instead.

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    Ok then. A pull the finger out campaign. Sounds good! Now where was I.... oh yes. I'd just sent a feature to Moog via Geert Bevin and was working out how best to get in touch with Tatsuya Takahashi...

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    The only petition that works is the wallet petition, unfortunately the world of IOS is full of entitled A-Holes saying things like "I have already bought xxx, I am not paying again for an AU of xxx" (Seriously, go read the Audiobus forum)
    Those muppets really piss me off.
    If Korg thought they could sell everything again to customers who already bought it (AU version) they would port them to AU quicker than you can say Gadget, trust me on that one.

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    @5pinlink FYI, the email I did send also said there is likely to be an IAP market for AU editions... Seriously, I think much of the problem comes down to Apples garden wall and bigger brands making incorrect assumptions about market experience levels and age group ranges. AU is the future, its on the cusp, but not here yet. I'm going to proceed bugging the brands. I just wish others would to. Thus the petition concept etc. No lone gunman is going to change a thing, and neither is lack of communication. I hear you in relation to A/B (I think)

  • I have the Odyssey running in BM 3.0.2 and I get some nasty artifacts. But I'm a BM3 newbie so I might be doing something wrong? It doesn't make the same noises outside BM3 in stand alone mode. Any pointers would be much appreciated!

  • You could try loading Odyseei In another IAA host (Cubasis,GarageBand,AUM etc) and pick out if the same issues. If they don't, then try playing around with BM3 audio settings, increasing buffer/latency size, bit rate, sample rate until performance levels out. Could be down to a combination of things, but it seems that 44.1khz works best for me:

  • I'll have at it. Thanks Nick!

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