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I'm trying to route midi from Fugue Machine into BM3. I've tried every way that I can possibly think of, but can't seem to make it work. I've tried routing through Audiobus 3, and I've tried routing directly by lrunning Fugure Machine and BM3 at the same time without AB3.

Fugue Machine Midi Out is showing up as a Midi Input in BM3. I've got an instrument loaded up in BM3. Fugue Machine is running, the Midi Out is set to Channel 1. BM3 is set to receive on Channel 1. Nothing seems to work.

It's so easy to get this going in Cubasis. Things just work. But freaking Cubasis doesn't have Ableton Link, so recording midi and getting things to sync up is a nightmare. So incredibly frustrating.

I'm trying to capture the midi data that's coming out of Fuge Machine (and eventually Xynthesizr) so that I can import it into a notation program like Sibelius.

Am I missing something?


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    i've just had a go setting this up and it does work. maybe it's working for you now. seems like you've done everything tho, so the only thing might be the configuration on the focus action page.
    never played around with fugue much. interesting app. doodle tonight, i think

  • @handymaker
    Fugue routes to BM3 easily directly, no Audiobus 3 is needed.

    Choose Beatmaker 3 as MIDI output in Fugue (This is non configurable in BM3 and Omni IE focused pad)

    Choose MIDI output 1 as MIDI output in Fugue (This is configurable per pad in BM3, so you can go select Fugue MIDI input in pad MIDI settings, however remember to go to settings and enable Fugue MIDI input 1 and also turn off Omni, or the currently focused pad will always be triggered)

  • I had trouble with this as well, and I believe it was because I also had set midi input to fugue from bm3 for the clock. I assumed midi clock would work and that I'd be able to play/stop fugue from bm3 but that doesn't seem to be the case. Just did a search on the forum for midi clock and it looks like that's a known issue!

  • In and out to the same software may be tricky anyway, you have to watch for MIDI feedback, unless IOS has some inherent MIDI filter as standard in IAA ?

  • Well, Fugue has a lot of information in the settings pages, and for the midi in section it says midi in is only for "program changes and midi clock." I did have some kind of success sending clock from Fugue to BM3 or using Ableton Link to sync up the apps, but there's something weird going on with the recorded midi pattern. Some kinda invisible note spam at the start of the pattern that I can only get rid of by placing the pattern on the timeline and using the slice tool to cut off the beginning. Not sure who's at fault there, but more experimenting is warranted. Gonna wait for 3.0.3 before trying again, though.

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