More Drum kits? Use iMaschine Drum kits

No need to sample. Just use export for Maschine in the menu.



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    If you have Maschine desktop you can export the pattern data as MIDI and upload the samples directly from any pack too.

    Maschine desktop is a great content creator for BM3, create a kit using samples or drum synths, load them all up with effects, drag n drop to bake in effects, export the MIDI and 'save samples as'
    Pass it all to iPad, takes a couple of drags to map.

  • Yep, I brought my entire selection of Maschine samples from the desktop over to the more drums needed. Now looking for more sound shaping tools in BM3, and the available AU,

  • You guys are lucky. I took the long way and exported every sample in iMaschine 2. Don’t own Maschine. Still not done. Exhausting.

  • You can export for maschine without having a maschine ...
  • I don't recall exactly how I did it but a little while ago I used an old iphone that was still on ios8 (or 7?) / ifunbox and dumped all the imaschine wavs to pc in one shot. Twas a good day.

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