Midi mute for pad/pattern and notes within pattern

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Now I realize that the pad midi mute feature in the 3.0.3 update doesn't respond to the request of muting individual midi notes in a pattern which is a very useful workflow tool and to my understanding a very basic feature of midi sequencers.

It would be great in the pattern view to have the option to mute the entire pad/track, an individual midi event and ultimately to mute a midi note in the keyboard view.

(On the pad midi mute feature, I am a little confused as to what this feature does. In my case, I have for example an AU drum machine such as Ruismaker on pad 1, and then I have set up pads 2-6 to trigger the one instance of RM by assigning all pads to the same link group and assigning each pad the corresponding pad note that triggers a sound in RM, in the order in which I am used to finger drumming with my pad controller. Pads 2-6 have a silent sample loaded so they are 'active'.
Now with this midi mute update I was expecting it to be possible to mute a pad's midi so it wouldn't be sent to RM, but this is not working as I expected. Is this maybe related to me using the link group? Maybe there is a better way to do it?)

Nevertheless, what I really would like is to be able to mute not only whole midi patterns but individual midi notes within patterns, just like in midi sequencers that I have previously used.


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    i'm quite confused too. i sold my pad yesterday and i'm waiting for a new one, so i can't check this new update out. my timing is terrible! this was a feature i requested which is standard on all sequencers and daws. i'm was really hoping it muted the sequences sent out to apps and hardware but from what you've said, it's not the case? have you tried it on just one pad?

  • It's working as I expected with an external IAA on pad 1 of a bank where you route the bank's midi output to the IAA (here Sampletank). Here I have no link groups and I am assigning different midi notes to each pad (triggering a drum kit in Sampletank). Muting the pad mutes the midi output to Sampletank.

    For AUs I don't know how you can route any pad's midi to the AU on pad 1 without link groups. Alternatively if you trigger the AU loaded onto a single pad in Keys mode, then you aren't able to mute pads anymore. Obviously, you don't want to be loading multiple instances of the same AU to achieve this, but is that the only way to do it?

  • ok. i have no idea. wish i had a pad here to try. can you not assign the same midi channel on another pad for the au?

  • @gosnote
    What you are trying to do is not mute MIDI.
    You have set up Ruismaker on one pad, that pad is the only thing sending MIDI to Ruismaker.
    The links you have set up are not actually MIDI, they are links telling pad 1 to send MIDI to Ruismaker.

    So to simplify, what you need is...
    "When muting a linked pad, it will mute the link"

  • Thanks @5pinlink for the clarification, that makes sense. To summarize:

    1) "mute pad/pattern and individual notes within pattern"
    2) "When muting a linked pad, it will mute the link"

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    So is 1 = You want a mute for notes at the step level, and at the piano roll level.
    Is that per note or per note lane ?

    May be a mute button that mutes individual notes when selected, but if you press a lane in the step sequencer or note on the keyboard in piano roll, it mutes the entire lane/note.

    Because there is no way to implement what you want on the mute button as is now on the mixer or pads.
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    @5pinlink Yes, that's exactly what I mean:

    In addition to mute on pads (= mute in pattern/pad lane view), mute in pattern/pianoroll view per note lane and per note. Implemented for example as you suggest with a mute button in pattern view which can be used in either of the three cases; pad lane, note lane and individual note mute.

  • I'm really impressed with the momentum that @mathieugarcia and the team have with the updates - great job!

    I still want to bump my #1 feature request to see how it resonates with others. To me, a very basic workflow feature:

    "individual midi note mute in pattern view"

  • +1 in full agreement for mute individual notes in pattern view and to add in arrangement view.

  • Not sure how you could mute notes in the Arranger, do you mean mute patterns/clips ?

  • Doing my regular bumping up of this topic...
    Loving the updates - to me it seems that overall with 3.0.10 BM3 is more stable with the au's and iaa's I'm using. Also I feel I can even live with the absence of the dotted lines when editing midi notes.

    However one thing I am still looking forward to in the pattern edit mode:

    MUTE INDIVIDUAL MIDI NOTES in pattern view ;) !!!

    would be so extremely useful!

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