Loop pointers are not saved to *.wav file...


Don't know if I'm doing something wrong or if this really is a bug/missing feature?!
When editing loop-points for a sample the loop parameters are not saved when saving the sample as *.wav...

The loop parameters are present as long as the sample is used within the session but when saving it to the main samples library the loop info 'disappears'.(ie. the 'looped section' doesn't 'pop up' when enabling the loop for a loaded *.wav sample that was saved with BM3).

BM3 really should save meta-data into the sample when saving it as *.wav (at least loop start & end).
Tempo is saved but there is no clue/documentation as to what 'other' parameters get saved.
(Root Note?, Tuning? Start/End key etc).

Hopefully this can be fixed as it's quite a chore to re-loop the samples every time they are loaded in to a new session...


  • There seems to be some strange behaviour with meta data like this, i cant get any meta data to load in BM3 but @mathieugarcia has confirmed it supports at least note/velocity high low and root note, but setting route note in a few different editors does not get recognised by BM3.
    I am wondering if they are using some custom tags that are not officially supported riff chunks.
    We definitely need some clarification on all of this so it can be written up one way or the other.

  • I've been importing samples from Giga sampler libraries and the loop points are retained, but no other data is.
  • Loading *.wav files saved from LogicPro X containing embedded loop points seem to work just fine.
    (The file is loaded, loop is set to forward and the loop-markers are correctly set just as it should be).

    So BM3 does read embedded loop information but somehow doesn't 'embed/write' it when saving *.wav files?!

    I do smell a bug here that BM3 simply 'forgets' to write the loop parameters to the *.wav file when it is saved.

  • In addition... If I edit the file that contains a loop (ie. change the loop positions) and re-save it the loop parameters are correctly updated.

    So my conclusion here is that if the *.wav file contains loop parameters they are correctly updated & saved when changing them. However if the *.wav does _not_ contain any loop parameters BM3 will not _add_ them to the file.

    Since BM3 doesn't add these loop markers to the file there is currently no way to add the loop-data to samples recorded and/or edited with BM3.

    So this could be filed under 'bugs that should be fixed'.

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