KAOSSILATOR like feature request

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I trust you will work out any of the bugs i am experiencing. i truly like this application. One thing that i am also hooked on is Korg's KAOSSILATOR. It may be too much to ask for the level of synthesis that that uses (in a small package), but there are some patches on there where it uses a sample as its primary oscillator and then X movements change the pitch and Y movements shift into a different offset of the sample, providing a specturm of sounds.

This would be nice to have on the iPhone (or in my case the Touch). Especially if i could then construct my own hybrid sample and have it be used.


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    I had this very same thought... but more along the lines of hoping Korg would release a Kaossilator like app for the touch/iphone.

    I wonder if the touch/iphone has enough mem/cpu to run the Beat Maker Sequencer AND a Kaossilator like pad? That would be too much if you could setup a song in the sequencer and then play live leads over that by switching to a Kaossilator like pad... or even better, be able to loop on top of the sequencer via a full screen X-Y pad.

    Wonder of Korg has patent rights on that type of thing?
  • i have started to play with the possibilities. i've created 4 sets of four variations on a single timbre. On the X axis i created pitch variations (root -> root+7halfsteps -> root+12 halfsteps -> root+19 halfsteps -> root+24 half steps), then on the Y axis i repeat the sample with 4 steps of a filter opening.

    This works. I can drag my fingers around the pads like the KAO(SSILATOR). But the results are not musically nuanced like the KAO. Doing the octave strattling is only useful as backing, not as any type of lead phrasing. Also, the 4 steps of filter cutoff is too abrupt.

    The KAO has a full two octave range over 16 discrete steps either X or Y. This is enough i think to make for a nuancable instrument. But something that has higher resolution would be much better. Also, the quick changing between note series makes it much more powerful.

    I tend to agree with the last poster on this, this functionality may not be easy to integrate into the sequencer-centric approach that BeatMaker currently has. Some seperate application would be more a reality. The KAO uses synthesis to achieve what it does. I would still think that a strightforward sampling approach, with at least 16 steps per direction would work. Especially if some basic timbre modifications could be added (filter, resonance, attack, decay). But true synthesis would be a charm.
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    To the OP:

    Have you posted/emailed Korg to ask if they intend to write an iPhone version of the KAOSSILATOR?
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