[moved to feature requests, please delete] Record audio directly into pattern in scene view?

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Is this possible? It works with midi tracks, but i can only seem to fill audio track cells with drag and drop. Any way to record audio directly into an audio track cell while other pattern are playing back? Any suggested work arounds if not? Thanks!


  • You could copy the scene to song...record the audio in song mode...trim the audio...go back to scene, drop it in.

    I suppose that's not REALLY a work around, though.

    What's your plan for recording audio in scene mode? (just curious)

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    Thanks. So, after messing around some more I see more clearly what the issue is.

    If you make a midi pattern and load it into a cell in the scene view, then you can overdub that pattern while it's playing back in scene view (or active at all, really). But you can't overdub or replace audio in audio patterns and you can't make a blank audio pattern that you can record directly into. To create an audio pattern, you have to record it like a sample and then drag it over to the cell you want it in. And you can have the sequencer running while you do it, which lets you play in time to everything else.

    That's great, EXCEPT that there is no option to have a count-in before you start recording the audio pattern, which would allow you to start recording the audio pattern right when the sequencer starts. Now, you can use sync mode and start the sequencer BEFORE you start recording, but that's not ideal if you have a lot of long patterns that you're trying to record audio alongside --- you have to wait for everything in the scene to come back to 1.1.1 and push the "start record" button (or whatever it's called) just before it gets there if you want everything to line up.

    So, I guess what I'm asking is if there's a way to get a pre-roll for audio pattern recording: Press record, you get a 4 beat count-in, and then sequencer starts at the same time recording starts. I'm guessing the answer is no, although perhaps there's a work around for THAT. I'll put this in the feature requests in the meantime.
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    Copy n paste my reply from the other thread...

    Is the current pre roll broken in 3.0.3 or something ?

    Long press the 'Q' up by the tempo, a drop down will appear, turn pre roll on, selects its length.
    See if that does what you need ;)

  • Thanks for the input.

    It's not a problem with the pre-roll itself, but the fact that you don't get a pre-roll when you're recording A SAMPLE (as opposed to when you're recording directly into an audio track). Recording an audio pattern for use in a scene outside of the linear sequencer requires using the sample record function (at least I haven't found any other way to do it). What I'd like is the option for a pre-roll when recording a sample, which would then permit you record audio patterns in time with a scene without having to mess with the linear sequencer. (Ableton has spoiled me, and I hate being tied to a linear sequencer until it's time to arrange).

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    Just record as an audio track and that will be in the track helper to drag to the scene cell wont it ?
    I am away from the iPad and cant check till i get back.

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