Moved from BR (solved) Audio won’t play longer than several minutes

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Not sure if this has been reported.

On my mini 2 iOS 11 BM3 won’t play an audio track longer than about 5 minutes. Instead it loops to the beginning. I’m hoping to use bm3 for mixing ie arrangements of up to 45-60 minutes on the song arranger. Is this unrealistic, maybe a job for a PC daw?


  • Is that a single file longer than 5 minutes, or any audio track over 5 minutes ?
    Will try to confirm later ;)

  • ipad pro 2015 ios 11 bm3.0.3, sampled about 10 minutes of ström in bm3, threw that audio file into an audio track, played it out completely without issues. I even had a muted bank that was playing a pattern on loop, dunno if that would have any good or bad effect in any case but thought I'd mention it.

  • Maybe I had some loop point set from the “pattern edit” screen. Seems to work on a new project... solved

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