Touch Screen Pad Issue

Question I’m using BM3 3.0.3 with IOS 11 on iPad Pro 10.5. After I layed down my melody on the first track which is Bank A, I went to select my drums on track Bank B and notice the pads on the touch screen started to act funny. For instance pad B1.16 got stuck and kept triggering without stopping like it was stuck on note repeat. It kept retriggering the drum sample out of no where. Then I notice my other touch screen pads weren’t triggering probably. I have to press the pad more then once for the sample to play. Have any you heard of this issue before with BM3? Never had an issue with BM3 until the update. Yes I’m also using Apple Pencil and CME 25 keyboard bluetooth.


  • This sounds a little like the arranger going mad glitch.
    I am pretty sure it is a lost touch bug they are trying to track down, if you have a project that it does it in repeatedly, can you upload it and i will make sure it gets to @mathieugarcia ;)

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